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3 Tips for Making HOA Meetings More Productive in Vancouver, WA

System - Monday, August 7, 2023

HOA meetings tend to be frustrating for both organizers and board members.

Anytime you're discussing issues that pertain to how a group of individuals live their lives, you're going to run into problems. HOA board meetings are necessary to come to conclusions that satisfy everyone, but butting heads can destroy productivity in these meetings.

If your homeowners association is in need of direction, we can help. Today, we're going to give you 3 simple tips that'll make your HOA meetings more productive and satisfying to all. There's nothing easy about HOA management, but read on and you'll have a roadmap for making important decisions as a group.

1. Keep It Organized

Organization is important in HOA meetings. Start by designating a single point person for the local HOA - hopefully, this is your HOA president or a member that volunteers for the role. Ahead of each meeting, all board members should send this person the topics they'd like to address during the meeting.

The point person can then keep a thorough agenda for every meeting that keeps you on track. This will ensure that the meeting stays organized from start to finish and that covers all issues.

If you need to discuss specific documents during the meeting, everyone should receive these ahead of time. Everyone should also be aware of the meeting agenda ahead of time. Everything can go out in an email in the days prior to the meeting.

2. Let Everyone Speak... Concisely

The purpose of an HOA meeting is to address each homeowner's concerns. It's important that everyone can raise their own concerns, but you never want the meeting to get out of hand. Having a point person who can control a room will come in handy here.

This person should allow everyone to speak but for an allotted time. When discussions get out of hand and start going in circles, you'll inevitably have to cut things out of your agenda. You can even assign times for each topic on the agenda so that the meeting runs on time and addresses all issues.

3. Meeting Notes

Lastly, someone should be taking minutes to send out to the HOA members after the meeting. Ideally, this can be someone other than the person running the meeting, so as not to put too much responsibility on one person.

Not only does this ensure all HOA members are in the know about what was discussed, but it gives you a roadmap for further action. You can also use the meeting documents as a starting point for the next HOA meeting.

How HOA Management Can Improve HOA Meetings

HOA meetings can feel like a full-time job for those who choose to participate. These tips will help you boost productivity in your HOA meetings, but what can really help is HOA management.

Invest West Management can help your community raise and address issues in a productive and pain-free manner. As a full-service HOA management company, we can help you improve communication among members and provide property management services to ensure everyone in your HOA is happy.

Contact us today to inquire about our services and change your Vancouver community association for the better.

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