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4 Tips on How to Set HOA Holiday Decorating Rules

System - Thursday, November 3, 2022

One of the first things homeowners ask about when moving into a neighborhood is whether there is a homeowners association. One thing about the HOA is the fees differ based on the season and other things that happen throughout the year.

When it comes to the holiday season, you might be wondering how to set the HOA holiday decorating rules for the people in the neighborhood.

We have some tips below to help you ensure that you not only provide decorating ideas but also some information on enforcing HOA holiday decorating rules as the holiday season gets underway.

1. Give People Deadlines

Deadlines are one of the most essential parts of setting the HOA holiday decorating rules. You must ensure that you set a precise date to give homeowners information about when they can start decorating their decorations.

You should also include information about when the decorations should be taken down. For example, one rule may be that 2 weeks after a holiday has concluded, homeowners must remove the decorations from their homes.

While HOA holiday decoration ideas might not seem like a big deal to some people, preserving the integrity of the neighborhood is essential. You don't want people leaving their Christmas decorations up until the summer.

2. Ban Certain Types of Lighting

Lights are one of the main components of holiday decor. However, if homeowners aren't careful and go overboard, they could end up hanging lighting that becomes distracting. Especially to people that are driving past the home.

When people become distracted by lights or other forms of decor, it can become a hazard leading to an accident within the neighborhood. It's best to set rules that ban homeowners from hanging lights that could momentarily bling people that are driving or flash.

Also, when the lights are hung, note that homeowners should hang them so they don't shine towards the road. Again, this could be hazardous to people driving by.

3. The Decor Must Have Anchors

When you enforce HOA holiday decorating rules you've got to think of everything, including how decor is anchored.

Much like the flashing of lights, no one wants to see an inflatable decoration item flying across their yard. If people are going to use inflatables as a part of their decor, ensure that they understand they must be anchored in the yard.

When items aren't anchored properly, it becomes a distraction. But it can also be hazardous and lead to accidents if it flies in front of someone driving down the street. 

4. Ban Noise Playing Distractions

We all enjoy seeing holiday decorations on our way home. But when it's time to go to sleep for the night, we don't want to listen to scary holiday noises or Christmas music late into the evening.

To ensure that people aren't disturbed while sleeping, ban noise-making machines.

Or if you're going to grant them use, ensure people understand there's a specific time when they must be turned off in your community home decorating guidelines.

How to Set HOA Holiday Decorating Rules

When it comes to setting HOA holiday decorating rules, there are several ways to allow homeowners to celebrate without going overboard. Ensure people understand to anchor their inflatables and ban noise-making decor.

If you want to improve your HOA, contact Invest West Management and let us put our 40 years of experience to work for you and your association.

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