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Important Things an HOA Management Company Can Do for Your Vancouver, Washington, Community

System - Wednesday, January 5, 2022

Today, more than 5 million American households live in condominiums or co-ops. These housing options offer affordable, flexible plans for families. However, they often lack the community found in traditional neighborhoods. 

If you crave this community, consider looking into HOA management companies. For over 40 years, Invest West Management has served Vancouver, Washington residents. Let’s dive into how we can help you, and why we’re one of the best HOA property management companies around.

HOA Management Companies Build Community

First, HOA management companies foster community growth. Neighbors build Homeowners Association on shared beliefs and location. Keeping HOAs afloat, however, is an entirely different story.

Hiring an HOA management company keeps your HOA alive. We maintain positive community growth that brought households together in the first place. Let’s take a look at some of the specific ways Invest West Management can foster your community. 

Streamlined, Professional Communication

Most civil disputes don't start because two parties are at true odds. Instead, they're birthed through miscommunication. With our professional oversight, these miscommunications will be few and far between.

Our team harnesses skilled managers and officers that streamline community communication. We help run board and committee meetings to be civil, smooth, and courteous. 

Even if community members can't make it to a meeting, we keep them in the loop. Our team sends out newsletters to inform community members who couldn’t make it. This keeps your community informed about decisions and rationale.

Responsibilities Handled

Delegating work between community members is no easy task. You'll ruffle feathers among neighbors who feel they’re getting the short end of the work stick. Let our managers carry out board directives to take the burden off of community members.

Our managers can handle the dirty work that keeps your community running. Services include regular property inspections, reporting violations, and finding homeowners out of compliance. As our managers handle tasks, your neighbors have time to spend with each other in harmony. 

Comprehensive Property Management

Companies that manage HOAs can do more than build communities. As our name would imply, Invest West Management also offers general community management.

We access a trusted network to service community maintenance needs. This network includes plumbers, electricians, and more. If your community has a maintenance need, we know who to call.

Additionally, we house our own team of maintenance technicians. Our team is perfect for emergency responses when other professionals can’t make it in time.

Invest in HOA Management Services Today

HOA Management Companies serve communities across the country with their community management services. They feature easy communication, delegated responsibilities, and in-house property management. For these reasons combined, HOA management companies are a worthwhile investment. 

Ready to find out why Invest West Management serves as a management boon to so many communities? Call our Vancouver location at (360) 254-5700, or our Portland location at (503) 221-0924. You can also visit us in person at 12503 SE Mill Plain Blvd. Suite 260, Vancouver, WA.

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