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What to Expect in HOA Meetings

System - Wednesday, April 13, 2022

There are pros and cons to anything in life, including investing in or buying a home in a community with an HOA. 

While you don't have to get involved in your homeowner's association as an owner, investment professionals have different expectations. 

No matter which boat you're in, it's good to know what you're getting yourself into. Get our guide to HOA meetings below. 

The Different Types of HOA Meetings 

Because an HOA governs everything from which potential buyers get to purchase, to aesthetic concerns of the community and any emergency or urgent matters, most of them have different meeting types. 

Having multiple meetings keeps annual or Board meetings short and respects privacy in the case of urgent matters (including security). 

If you're not on the board or a committee, you'll most likely attend a board meeting. These are like "town halls" or "parent nights," where homeowners can bring up topics of discussion or complaints. If you've ever seen the show Parks and Rec, there are many people there "caring loudly" at each other.

Most of the time, homeowners who aren't active in the HOA come to board meetings when they have a specific complaint to lodge with the board. 

The board will make the community aware of any changes they're making, upcoming projects, or votes they need to be mindful of. 

Board meetings should be announced at least 7 to 14 days before being held. 

Sample Structure

A sample HOA board meeting schedule may look like this: 

  • Calling the meeting to order
  • Approval of minutes from the last meeting 
  • Approval of agenda 
  • Different reports 
    • Management report
    • Different committees 
  • Budget approval
  • Voting on new motions
  • Open floor for member discussions 

More formal HOA boards use "Robert's Rules of Order" as a meeting structure, which means you'll hear things like "open the floor" and "may I get a second?" HOA members do not need to use these terms during the open discussion. 

Annual Meetings 

If you've never been to an HOA meeting before and want to dip your toe in, the annual meeting is the right place to do so. While people may attend the monthly board meetings, you'll see the highest turnout at yearly meetings. 

This is when the board passes the budget for the year, introduces any newly elected board members, or announces large projects for the year.

The open discussion at these meetings can be lively and heated, depending on what's going on in the community. If homeowners show up to any meeting during the year, it'll be this one. 

Less Common Meeting Types 

Finally, the board may meet to go over items that the entire association doesn't need to meet over. These could be emergency conditions like flooding, storm damage, or crime.

Alternatively, boards may hold an "executive session" where they catch up on paperwork and bureaucratic matters, which would be very boring to attend. 

Your Guide to HOA Meetings 

If you've recently moved into a community with an active community management board or HOA, you can get as involved as you choose. 

If you've purchased or invested in a community with an HOA, however, you may have no choice but to get involved. If you don't have time for this, you can hire an HOA management services business to run these meetings for you. 

You don't have to attend any HOA meetings, but you can maintain a well-run community. 

Well-run community management is what we do. If you're looking for help in the Vancouver area, call us. You'll be surprised at how much easier life can be! 

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