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Implementing a Seasonal HOA Idea: How to Spread Festive Cheer

System - Sunday, December 10, 2023

Homeowners associations are all about community. This gives property owners, board members, and managers room to create a true holiday experience.

Even better, Vancouver, Washington is the ideal location for seasonal HOA marketing!

The first step is to designate a point person who can organize the necessary funds, materials, and protocols needed to implement a seasonal HOA idea.

Here's a quick and festive guide to get you started.

Create a Seasonal HOA Idea For Autumn

Start brainstorming seasonal ideas in summer so that you can be ready by fall. Think about homeowners in the community. Come up with an idea that strikes a balance with everyone's holiday preferences.

Going with more general autumn and winter themes is a good idea because they're not so specific to one holiday.

Think about when Halloween and Thanksgiving roll around.

General community decorations include:

  • wreaths made from fall leaves
  • pumpkins
  • mini pumpkin patches
  • bushels of apples
  • harvest-themed decorations
  • lamppost decorations in fall colors

Decorate any lamp posts, rest areas, and outside common areas with fall-inspired decorations. You could wrap orange, red, brown, and yellow ribbons around lamp posts. Add more lanterns to illuminate the area for trick-or-treaters.

Autumn-Inspired Activities

Next, think about community events. Remember to put money aside to create event marketing materials, like signage, emails, and flyers in community centers.

The following ideas will help people get into the holiday spirit:

  • autumn-inspired potlucks
  • pie contests
  • harvest-themed carnivals
  • bobbing for apples
  • caramel apples
  • fall-themed bake sales

You could even hire live entertainment for these events. If there are any musicians living in the community, even better!

Seasonal Decorations For Winter

Short-lived autumn quickly transitions to winter. As before, ensure you have everything ready to go during the summertime.

First, start with a budget. Talk to the HOA board to see how much money is available for seasonal decorating and activities. Next, plan ideas that fit into the budget.

You can save a lot on decorations for winter. For example, you could create wreaths from leftover Christmas tree cuttings. Invest in a large red velvet (or similar) fabric roll for creating large lamppost bows.

Events like potlucks work great since people bring their own food and supplies. However, supplying treats, art supplies, and other goodies is really important for community engagement, as well.

Like autumn, there are plenty of cost-effective ideas for winter. You can also apply similar ideas like mini carnivals with winter-themed bake sales. However, this time around, artists in the community can sell ornaments, decor, and other winter crafts in an art market-style setting.

You could also partner with local businesses to create exclusive member discounts for the HOA community. This may include bakery discounts, theater tickets, Christmas tree coupons, and special offers at craft stores.

When preparing your winter marketing, you can find free winter-themed templates for emails and print marketing. Send out free goodie bags with festive winter mugs for the holidays!

Get In the Spirit

Being part of an HOA is like being part of a big family. Keep fostering that community engagement with a little holiday spirit!

Let this guide inspire a festive and fun seasonal HOA idea. Vancouver, WA, already has so much holiday cheer built into its landscape.

Learn how a property management company can help bring these ideas to life. Invest West Management is a family-owned business with 40 years in the industry.

Call us today to learn more!

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